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Japan House London Family Workshops


Discover more about the cultures of Japan with this series of family-friendly craft workshops held at Japan House. During each workshop, participants can enjoy learning about an aspect of Japan while also getting creative. Japan House has created original worksheets and templates for completing the crafts, which are also available as free downloads for those at home.

All workshops are free but have limited capacity. Bookings, via the Japan House London website, are essential. Each workshop lasts 45 minutes.

Workshop details

Create your own koinobori

On 5 May, in celebration of Kodomo no hi (Children’s Day), Japanese families usually hang koinobori (carp-shaped windsocks) outside their houses. Be inspired by the history and colours of koinobori, using your creativity to colour in the template. After colouring your design with the colours or patterns of your choice, cut out the template to bring your own koinobori to life.
Dates & times: April 13th (1pm), 16th (3.30pm), 17th (4pm), 23rd (3.30pm) & 24th (2pm)

Six native dogs of Japan

Discover the six native dogs of Japan with Japan House’s full series of educational and fun Japanese dog colouring-in worksheets. Learn about the origins and characteristics of each of the Japanese native dog breeds, then use your knowledge to colour in the dogs. Can you write each dog’s name in kanji (Chinese characters used in writing Japanese) in the correct stroke order?
Dates & times: April 12th (2pm), 14th (4.30pm) & 15th (2pm)

Design your own kokeshi

Kokeshi are painted wooden dolls from the Tōhoku region in northeastern Japan. It is thought they were first made in the late Edo period (1603-1868) by local craftspeople as toys for children and souvenirs for visitors to hot spring towns. Today, various kokeshi styles have developed in the Tōhoku region, characterized by different shapes and patterns. Choose from three different kokeshi and design your own patterns.
Dates & times: April 12th (3.30pm), April 14th (3pm), 17th (3.30pm), 18th (2pm) & 24th (3.30pm)

Make your own origami crane

Orizuru (lit. ‘folded crane’) is one of the best-known designs of origami, the Japanese art of paper-folding. Try making your own orizuru to wish for peace and hope for the future, with a coloured-in pattern of your own design or with pre-decorated origami paper. Orizuru templates created by artist and designer Tokolo Asao are also available for use during the workshop.
Dates & times: April 13th (4pm), 15th (3.30pm), 16th (2pm), 18th (3.30pm) & 23rd (2pm)

Organisers may cancel events, alter schedules, or change admission requirements without notice. Always check official sites before heading to an event.

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