Soho Guide

Soho Guide

Pic: Stu Smith used under CC

One of central London’s busiest areas, with an infamous reputation for hedonism and sleaze, but also home to notable cultural, creative and culinary activity. Soho is where media professionals tussle for space alongside tourists, cabbies and rickshaw drivers. Arguably the best spot in central London for decent food, but most places have a no reservation policy and there are frequent queues down the street for cheap and cheerful restaurants like ramen restaurant Bone Daddies. Independent cafés with free wifi make for great remote working spots, and Berwick Street is the place to pick up fresh produce at the market or wallet-friendly vinyl at record shops like Sister Ray. You can barely move on a summer’s night for alfresco drinkers lining the streets, or vying for a patch of grass on Soho Square. There are dozens of indoor drinking options too, including cocktail bars and whisky establishments. But, if trendy bars aren’t your thing, head to old school pubs like The Jon Snow, or Glasshouse Stores, which are part of the Sam Smith’s group providing non-branded drinks that won’t require a small bank loan to sup.

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