This one’s for you, East Londoners. There may not be too many pinstriped city gents striding across bridges with bowler hats and umbrellas these days, nor cheeky Cockneys having a knees-up round the old Joanna, but there’s one British tradition we can help you find; the best Sunday roasts in Shoreditch (or within a very short pre-or post-prandial Sunday stroll).

When narrowing down the list, I set myself some rules. First, there simply must be roast potatoes; I love good mashed potatoes, but they’ve got absolutely no place on a Sunday roast. Second, there must be the option of Yorkshire pudding – at least with the beef – because it’s iconic, as well as delicious. And third, the price should be no more than about £25.00 and must include all the sides, because this is what makes a Sunday roast such great value for money – and a perfect Cheapo weekend treat.

Table Of Best Roasts In Shoreditch

VenuePriceVeg optionBeefChickenPorkLamb
The Jugged Hare£26yes (£19)45-day agedFree rangeTamworth pork belly
The Princess of Shoreditch£32yesSirloinNorfolk Black chickenSalt-aged pork belly
The Angel£15-17.50yes (£14)21-day agedWith stuffing
The Culpeper£18.50-20yes (£15.50)TopsideWith roasties
Hawksmoor Spitalfields£25a la carteSlow-roast rump
The Gun£19-21yes (£17)SirloinFree range
Blacklock Shoreditch£18-22a la carte55-day aged rump 21-day aged pork loin28-day aged lamb leg

The Jugged Hare

The restaurant here specialises in game, so make a note of this one if you are a fan.

  • Meats: Somerset free range chicken; Tamworth pork belly; 45-day aged Longhorn beef rump
  • Sides: Duck fat roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, seasonal vegetables, gravy
  • Vegetarian option: Yes
  • Price: £26.00 (£19.00 for vegetarian)
Best Sunday roasts in Shoreditch

The Princess of Shoreditch Sunday roast | Photo by Lateef Okunnu

The Princess of Shoreditch

I’ve bent my own rules somewhat for this one. It is slightly more expensive but is a set two- or three-course lunch, so you get at least one additional course; also the Head Chef is Ruth Hansom of Great British Menu fame, so foodie points came into play.

  • Meats: Stuffed Norfolk Black chicken; Yorkshire Dales sirloin of beef; salt-aged pork belly
  • Sides: Roast meats are served ‘properly garnished’, which on my visit included roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, seasonal vegetables, sauce and gravy
  • Vegetarian option: Yes
  • Price: Two courses for £32.00, three courses for £39.00

If you’re visiting London and have never had Yorkshire pudding, please try it. It’s not pudding in the normal sense – it’s actually savoury and the same recipe as pancake/crepe batter, so doesn’t have a strong flavour. Cooked in very hot fat in the oven it should puff up gloriously crisp and golden and is fabulous smothered in gravy.

The Angel

This traditional pub also serves up slow-cooked pork belly but serves it with a black pudding bon bon, buttered green beans, apple butter, cider sauce – and mustard mashed potato. See the rules above – where are my roasties?

  • Meats: 21-day aged sirloin of beef; chicken with stuffing and pigs in blankets; three meats to share
  • Sides: Thyme-roasted potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, buttered Savoy cabbage, leeks, peas & roasted root vegetables, red wine jus
  • Vegetarian option: Yes
  • Price: £15.00£17.50 £35.00 for two for the sharing selection (£14.00 for vegetarian)

For the uninitiated, each roast meat has a traditional sauce accompaniment: bread sauce and/or cranberry sauce for chicken and turkey (although these are most often kept for the Christmas turkey), horseradish sauce for beef, apple sauce for pork and mint sauce for lamb.

Best Sunday roast in Shoreditch
Culpeper Sunday roast | Photo by Sophie @cityfoodscene

The Culpeper

This lovely pub is in a beautiful old building with a rooftop restaurant/terrace where they grow herbs and vegetables for the kitchen. Don’t miss it – you can even ask them about volunteering in the garden or attending their next classes. I’m bending the rules again and allowing the Pommes Anna as it has the required golden crispy edges and that essential crunch.

  • Meats: Chicken with roast potatoes; topside of beef with Pommes Anna
  • Sides: Yorkshire pudding, honey-glazed carrots, cauliflower, greens, gravy and sauce.
  • Vegetarian option: Yes
  • Price: £18.50£20.00 (£15.50 for vegetarian)

Hawksmoor Spitalfields

Hawksmoor is home to the best steak in London and this was their first restaurant; happily, now there are several across London, spreading the joy. As you would expect, the Sunday roast is epic. Beef is the only option, but why would you order anything else?

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  • Meats: Slow-roast rump
  • Sides: Beef dripping roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, carrots, greens, roasted shallots & garlic, bone marrow & onion gravy
  • Vegetarian option: A la carte
  • Price: £25.00
Best Sunday roasts in Shoreditch
The Gun Sunday roast | Photo by @thgunlondon

The Gun

Revamped pub with a grown-up dining room and cocktails as well as pints.

  • Meats: Half a free-range chicken with honey-roast carrots and chicken gravy; sirloin of grass-fed Btritish beef with glazed roast carrots and red wine jus
  • Sides: Duck fat roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, tenderstem broccoli, green beans
  • Vegetarian option: Yes
  • Price: £19.00£21.00 (£17.00 for vegetarian)

It’s interesting how many of the best Sunday roasts in Shoreditch are from pubs. I think food is a fabulous way for people to connect and I love seeing families or groups of friends sitting down to a relaxed, chatty pub lunch. Most East London pubs are dog-friendly too, so you shouldn’t have to smuggle leftovers back in a napkin for your pooch.

Best Sunday roasts in Shoreditch
Blacklock Sunday roast | Photo by Blacklock Soho

Blacklock Shoreditch

Whole joints of meat roasted over open coals and English oak at this reliably excellent restaurant which also has sites in Soho, Covent Garden and the City.

  • Meats: 21-day aged pork loin; 55-day aged beef rump; 28-day aged lamb leg; the All-In, a mix of all three meats
  • Sides: Duck fat roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, seasonal vegetables, gravy, sauce
  • Vegetarian option: A la carte menu
  • Price: £18.00£22.00

So there we have it; my list of the best Sunday roasts in Shoreditch. Do you have a gem you think should be included? Let us know and we’ll check it out.

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