London Bridge City Summer Festival

People watching an open air film screening in London
Photo by London Bridge City used under CC

A summer of free events at Scoop at More London between London Bridge and Tower Bridge. Highlights include the TV Orchestra of Samples (featuring over 200 musicians, from 25 countries, many of whom have never met!), dancing from Swing Patrol, film screenings, Club de Fromage, live Rugby screenings and reggae aerobics. Comedy-loving cheapos who aren’t forking out for the annual Edinburgh Festival should head to Pick of the Fringe on 26th July.

Rock up early to guarantee a spot for events and performances, the seats are stone steps so pack a cushion if you don’t want a punishing seat! Open-air theatre is an atmospheric experience, but take something to keep yourself dry and warm, such is the fickle nature of British summertime.

Venue: More London
Entry: Free
Typical weather at this time
High: 22 ℃Low: 13 ℃
Powered by Dark Sky
Closest station(s): London Bridge, Tower Hill, Borough High Street
Adverse weather policy: Events are held outdoors
Web: http://www.lbcsummerfestiv...
Area: London Bridge, Tower Hill
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