London may be a bit more than a pebble’s throw away from the sea, but fish and chips are still very much a weekend staple in the city. The cheap dinner option (like most food) has had the fancy treatment in recent years, but you can still find decent, more traditional options that will give you back a chunk of change from a tenner.

Kerbisher & Malt

fish and chips shops in london
Photo by Kerbisher & Malt used under CC

This small West/South West London chain is more on the fancy end of things, with very cool, modern decor.  But there is plenty of substance to match the style here, the fish is all sustainably sourced and the portions are more than generous. And if you don’t fancy the full on fish and chips, fish bites are a good alternative.

Price: Coley & Chips + sauce £6

Fryer’s Delight

Old fashioned fish and chip shop sign
Photo by Clive Darra used under CC

A proper, very old chippy in the heart of London. Fryer’s Delight in Holborn has been serving up fish and chips to hungry workers for over fifty years. Replete with red formica tables, black and white tiles and old school menu board, but it’s not just the furnishings that have been frozen in another time. This is a no-fuss kind of chippy, where haddock and cod are £4.90 and chips are £1.50.

Price: Cod or haddock & chips + mushy peas: £6.70

Toff’s of Muswell Hill

Two fish fryers at a restaurant
Photo by Toff's of Muswell Hill used under CC

Another old-school fish restaurant that seems to have been in its dark wood interior since opening in 1968. Despite the snooty sounding name, it’s not a posh fish place, but it has signed up to the Marine Stewardship Council and cooks sustainably sourced fish which isn’t always guaranteed—especially at the cheaper end of things.

Locals queue well out of the door, and up the street on a Friday night to eat Toff’s award winning fish & chips.  Prices are written up in chalk, and a regular portion of either cod or haddock costs £6.70.

Price:  Cod or haddock & chips £8.50

The Sea Shell

Front of an a traditional fish and chip restaurant
Photo by The Sea Shell of Lisson Grove used under CC

Considering Lisson Grove’s pricey postcode—it’s close to Regent’s Park, The Sea Shell is another long-running, traditional restaurant that serves up decent fish & chips.

The main restaurant is more on the expensive side, but fish and chips is the ultimate take away fodder and The Sea Shell’s are £6 for fried cod or haddock. The best value is the complete meal deal, a large haddock with chips and a drink for £9.

Price: £6 (or £9 for the meal deal)

Fish Bone

A plate of Fish and Chips
Photo by Fish Bone Restaurant used under CC

Another no-frills fish and chips place, bang in the centre of town. Just a short walk from the noise of Oxford Street is Fitzrovia’s Fish Bone, winner of Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence in 2015.

The best deals are at lunchtime here, but a small cod fillet will only set you back £4.80 (regular is £7.20).

Price: Regular cod or haddock & chips £8.50 (lunch special)

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