Money’s tight, times are hard – here’s your ideal loyalty card.

We’ve looked at London’s most popular supermarket chains and compared what you actually get with their loyalty cards. Personalised offers, in-store discounts and freebies, being able to shop with partner brands: whatever you want most, there’s a card here for you.

Table Of Supermarket Loyalty Cards

SupermarketGeneral discountsPersonalised offersPointsBrand Partners
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Sainsbury’s Nectar card

General Discounts: All discounts are personalised but early in 2023 Sainsbury ran the first ‘Big Points Bonanza’ where cardholders could win up to 10,000 bonus points.

Personalised Offers: Nectar card holders get My Nectar prices, discounts based on the items you buy most often.

Points: Collect one point per £1 spent in store or online, plus one point per litre of fuel at Sainsbury’s petrol stations. There are also points available on a range of services from Sainsbury’s Bank. 100 points are worth 50p.

Brand Partners: They have over 300 brand partners where you can collect and spend Nectar points; these include Argos, Ebay, Caffe Nero and British Airways.

Tesco Clubcard

General Discounts: Look for the yellow Clubcard Price labels in store; these offer discounted prices for all clubcard holders. They’re worth having too – around 10-20% off household staples like coffee, cheese, frozen foods and meat.

Personalised Offers: Members get regular money-off vouchers based on their purchase history.

Points: Collect one point per £1 spent in store, online or with Tesco mobile, one point per £2 spent on Tesco fuel, and one point per £4 spent on Tesco Bank credit cards. 100 points are worth £1.

Brand Partners: Retail partners include Disney+, Legoland, Pizza Express and Virgin Atlantic.

Morrisons More

General Discounts: Cardholders get a range of discount vouchers, including money off the total shop. There are also My Morrisons Clubs such as Baby or Student Club, with relevant offers and discounts. One very cool idea; when you scan your card you have the chance of a random Basket Bonus – money off your next shop, a treat from the bakery or a bunch of flowers. Cute.

Personalised Offers: Personalised discounts include money off certain items from your regular shop and also percentage discounts on whole areas such as baking.

Points: N/A

Brand Partners: N/A

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My Waitrose

General Discounts: Waitrose has buddied up with Caffe Nero to bring back the free coffee for cardholders; you need to have made an in-store purchase and don’t forget to bring a reusable cup (or you can buy one for £4). There are free food & drink magazines, 10% off the Waitrose Cookery School and the super-useful weekend discounts – 20% off selected fish from the counter in store every Friday and 20% off selected meat from the counter in store every Saturday. (Although to be fair, it is one of the pricier supermarkets listed to begin with.)

Personalised Offers: You get new money-saving vouchers every week tailored to your shopping habits.

Points: N/A

Brand Partners: Get up to 25% cashback on Waitrose Good Health products if you have a Vitality health or life insurance plan, and 5% off your dry cleaning and laundry at Johnsons the Cleaners.


General Discounts: This is the only card that isn’t free; however the £1 fee buys you a share in the co-operative. There are also in-store exclusive member discounts available.

Personalised Offers: You can choose two offers a week from a range of targeted discounts based on previous purchases and suggested products.

Points: They don’t have points as such, but 2p for every £1 you spend on selected Co-op products goes into your membership account. The good news is that they donate the same amount to local charities and community organisations.

Brand Partners: There are no brand partners but you do get access to offers and discounts for other Co-op businesses such as insurance or legal services.

Asda Rewards

General Discounts: Asda promotes its loyalty scheme as ‘Pounds not Points’. Scan the app as you enter the store to earn progress towards Milestone Missions which can range from buying a particular number of items from a specific department to spending a minimum amount over several visits. It’s all about building up a balance in your Cashpot, which you can then convert into vouchers to spend.

Personalised Offers: Star products have boosted rewards.

Points: N/A

Brand Partners: N/A

Lidl Plus

General Discounts: Scan your card in store to earn a range of vouchers based on how much you spend: £50 gets you a coupon for a free iten from the in-store bakery next time you shop. Reach £250 and you get 10% off your next shop. There’s even a Lidl scratchcard with the chance to win £20.

Personalised Offers: You’ll also get Lidl coupons based on the products that you buy regularly. Simply activate your coupons and scan them in store to save money.

Points: N/A

Brand Partners: Partners include the AA, Readly and The Cinema Society.

We hope this has been helpful – now to make your grocery shopping work a little harder!

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