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Visiting the UK for more than 30 days for work or study? We’ve rounded up the best UK SIM cards for your medium-term stay. An extended trip to the UK means you’ll want to get the most for your money—not rinsing cash on international rates.

Just here for a quick visit? See our post on PAYG UK SIM cards for short-term use.

First: Knowing your SIMs

Googling SIM types generally leads you to SIM sizes—you’ll need to make sure whether your phone takes a nano, micro or standard SIM before you order anything, or use an adapter kit if necessary. To make things easier, most major carriers here sell SIMs that can be sized according to your phone.

Now, on to the two main SIM plans. These are either data + voice or data-only. As the name suggests, the former lets you make and receive calls, while the latter doesn’t.

UK SIM cards sizes
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Contract-free SIM-only deals in the UK

In the UK, you can only sign up for a long-term contract if you’re a resident—and you’ll usually be subject to a credit check first. So what if you’re staying for a few months or a year, but not making a permanent move? While the UK “big four” (EE, Vodafone, Three, 02) have short-term options, they’re often restricted to 30 days and some require a credit check anyway.

Luckily, there are a number of other providers offering contract-free, month-to-month SIM-only deals, which don’t require credit checks or stacks of paperwork. These provide the benefits and flexibility of prepaid/PAYG plans, with the perks of contracts. Some of the names in this game include giffgaff, VOXI (a great deal), SMARTY and Lebara. Here’s how they currently stack up.

Note: All UK SIM cards listed here are data + voice. Calls are, unless otherwise specified, limited to within the UK. This is not an exhaustive list of packages, just an overview.

ProviderCall minutes/TextDataMonthly costLink
Unlimited/Unlimited8GB£10.00More info
Unlimited/Unlimited45GB £20.00

300/500500MB£6.00More info

100 UK+100 intl/1001GB£5.00More info
Unlimited UK+100 intl/Unlimited4GB£10.00
Unlimited UK+Unlimited intl/Unlimited12GB£20.00

Unlimited/Unlimited2GB£7.50More info

Notes on the providers

VOXI: Unlimited data for social apps. Unlimited streaming passes available.
giffgaff: Can switch, take a break or upgrade tariff. Earn cash or credit “payback points” for recommending new members or answering questions in the community forums.
Lebara: Call minutes are split between international and UK, with the ratio and countries depending on the package.
SMARTY: Uses the Three network. Can get some money back for unused data.


Option number two is buying a plain-old PAYG (Pay-As-You-Go) SIM. These have changed a lot over the years and often come with minimum top-up fees and add-ons. To be cost-effective, it’s better to opt for a bundle—but most bundles are for 30 days. You’ll see some of the names above popping up in the PAYG market too—the lines between PAYG and contract-free but contract-like are increasingly blurred. Read more about PAYG UK SIM cards.

UK SIM cards used to share photos of a trip to London
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Saving data

Whatever option you go for, you’ll want to make your data allowance go as far as possible. A few tips will keep your mobile data usage in check:

1. Turn off apps you don’t need—background applications (especially social media, e-mail, calendar, GPS etc). Turn off your notifications too—do you really need to know where your far-off friends checked-in for a coffee?
2. Only use GPS when you need it, and make sure your GPS data only roams when you do!
3. Install a data-managing app like My Data Manager for Android or Data man for iPhone to keep tabs on your usage.
4. Compress your data with free apps on Google Play or the AppStore.

While we do our best to make sure it is correct, all information is subject to change. Post published in September, 2018. Last updated June 18, 2019.

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