The pursuit of knowledge and skills can be a pricey one. But outside of the astronomical (and rising) UK university fees, there is plenty of free learning to be found in London. Whether you want to learn crafts, cookery, musical instruments or need more skills to pay the bills: we’ve got you covered.  We’re scouring free London tech courses, meet-ups and workshops.

Of course, there are plenty of free courses online, so you can always start there. But if you want the benefit of a course tutor,  peer feedback and a community, these might be for you.

free learning in London tech
Photo by Taras Shypka used under CC


Women Who Code

Women Who Code is on a mission to inspire women to excel in tech careers. They teach free coding workshops along with study groups, boot camps, panel discussions and keynotes from tech industry experts.

Where: Various locations
Level: All

Open Tech School London

A community, volunteer-run initiative running free programming workshops and meetups, and is part of the OTS global network. These events are open to tech learners and enthusiasts of all levels and backgrounds. Learning materials are also shared to the wider network online, so you can be connected to other learners and coaches from around the world.

Where: Skills Matter  | Code Node
Level: All

Clojure Bridge

Free workshop run by London Clojurians aimed at teaching the programming language Clojure to newbies. The group is beginner-friendly and suitable for people who are completely new to programming in general as well as developers new to Clojure. It’s an inclusive group, but priority is given to those who identify as women, transgender and/or non-binary. Men may register as a guest of one of these participants via their sign-up form below or volunteer.

Attendees are organised into small groups with at least one teacher and an assistant.

Where: Various locations
Level: Beginner

free learning in London
Photo by Paul Clarke used under CC

Tech meet-ups

LDN Hack and Tell

Hack and Tell has chapters all over the world including NYC and Berlin. London is one of the newer chapters, where you get five minutes to show off your tools and hacks. After that, the floor is open for Q and A.

Basically, it’s a show and tell, so if you’re looking for peer feedback, this is where you’ll find it. Strictly personal projects only, so don’t turn up hoping to pitch your start-up or commercial app ideas.

Where: Various locations
Levels: Intermediate/Advanced

Unfold UK (formerly Women in VR)

What began as a network for women in VR, AR and other immersive technologies, Unfold UK has now expanded to include all underrepresented backgrounds and communities in these fields. Membership is free and the focus is on education, training and funding opportunities. Unfold runs free, dedicated skills workshops as well as weekly Friday breakfasts where you can meet guest speakers and mentor and regular mixer events.

Where: Various locations
Level: All

London Machine Learning Meetup

London Machine Learning Meetup is more about knowledge sharing, and the meeting of like-minded scientists and developers. These shared interests include Machine Learning (ML)—an application of AI based around the idea that we should really just be able to give machines access to data and let them learn for themselves and other related areas. Members meet to discuss topics like Increasing human efficiency for robot supervision over pizza and beer.

Where: Various locations
Level: Not specified


Red Academy Workshops

Red Academy’s longer courses are pretty pricey, but luckily they also run plenty of free workshops. Learn the basics of UI, HTML and CSS or get digital careers advice at one of their regular Digital Skills and Digital Careers workshops.

Level: Beginner-intermediate
Where: We Work Aldwych

And if you’re hungry for more, this is a pretty decent list ofLondon tech groups for niche interests, under represented groups in tech and general meetups.

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