One of south London’s best-loved affordable cinemas, with a mix of big budget blockbusters and arthouse flicks. Recently restored to its former glory, the place is just dripping with early 20th century charm. Head over on Mondays for £7.00 tickets on all screenings. And be sure to check out the upstairs bar for affordable, quirky events—from board games to Jazz nights.

Drinks at the Ritzy

With decent drinks at reasonable prices, the Ritzy’s two bars can be a surprisingly cosy spot to chat over a few with friends. Aside from the yammering of other punters it’s usually fairly quiet—so chatterboxes can relax without having to shout over blaring music.

Bring your own snacks

The cinema allows you to bring your own snacks and drinks (within reason) to cinema screenings. So it’s well worth grabbing a cheap bag of popcorn from the stall at the entrance to reliance arcade—between Brixton station and the cinema!

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