Southend Airport, like Stansted Airport is in Essex, not London—but it’s a good option for short, budget trips between the UK and Europe. Getting from Southend to London is easy, and you get to fly over the coast too.

Your choice (public transport-wise) is pretty much the train, but with 8 services an hour, and a journey time of 53 minutes into Liverpool Street, it’s not a bad one. Just think of it is as one less decision you’ll need to make on your trip.

southend to london
Photo by Calflier001 used under CC

Southend to London transport options


Price: From £0.00
Pros:  Regular, direct services into central London in under an hour.
Cons: The last train leaves at 23:07, so not great if you’re delayed or arriving at night.

Carpool/Taxi Share

If you’re travelling in a group, you’re with kids or arriving at night when the trains are less frequent (or have stopped), you can split a cab fare for around £0.00 per head into Liverpool St with Andrews Taxis. Alternatively, Uber fare estimates are between £0.00 and £75.00.

Pros: Will get you to London when the trains have stopped. Good if you have lots of luggage
Cons: Not good for solo travels, fewer than 4 people, more expensive than the train

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